Donation shop

Our online shop makes it easy to help directly with donations through PayPal. Just choose what you would like to support our project with from the listed items below. You will be directed to Paypal after you have clicked the donation button.

A package of school supplies

15.00 USD

A school bag

10.00 USD

A school uniform

12.00 USD

A warm blanket for homeless people

10.00 USD

A chalkboard

25.00 USD

A computer for our schools

300.00 USD

A package of toys

20.00 USD

A package of kitchen tools

20.00 USD

A big package of books for our school library

200.00 USD

A package of clothes for the winter

7.00 USD

A whole new classroom for our Karma girls' school

1300.00 USD

A fan for one of our classrooms

40.00 USD