Our mission

It is not only the struggle for nutrition that homeless people in India are facing. The cast system is banning these individuals from every level of society and calling them untouchables or Dalits.

They are usually avoided by families of higher casts who believe that it is their destiny to be born as untouchables due to their actions of their past lives. Through this belief system they are obligated to work off their bad karma in the present lifetime, thus becoming outcasts in society.

Our Mission is to help these families by setting up schools where we provide education to the children of the surrounding villages of Bodhgaya. We want to offer them an environment in which they are treated as equal individuals and one in which they do not get judged based on their cast.

Providing free warm meals is also a part of our mission. This is why we are also actively running a mobile soupkitchen on the streets of Bodhgaya.